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Personal Baby Websites

Available Pages

Because we want you to have the ultimate in flexibility when creating your baby website, we have developed features that can be customized for every stage in your baby's life. If you are coming to us as an expecting mother, then you will have the ability to share your experiences as a pregnant woman as well as a new mother. Mom's and Dad's, you will have the unique opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about your child in your own journals. You may select your website pages from the list of thirty-one options displayed below. All of the pages are completely customizable and designed to adapt to your needs. You may activate and deactivate pages from your initial selection as many times as you like. Use all of the pages or only a few. We have designed our selection to meet the needs of each individual family. If you have a suggestion of page you would like us to add, please email us at and let us know. Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority.

Video Album - Upload video clips of your child's special moments for all your visitors to enjoy. We allow a total of 20 megabytes (MB) of space for all of your video files.
Photo Album - Every parent longs to show off their new pride and joy - need we say more. We allow you to upload an unlimited number of photos to as many albums as you would like.

Welcome - Use this page to introduce your website to your friends and family. You may also upload a welcome photo if you wish.

The Parents - Introduce yourselves on this page. With all of the hard work you do, you deserve the recognition. Even though the rewards are plenty, it certainly doesn't hurt to get some credit too.

Our Children - If you have more than one child, this page would be a perfect place to introduce your other children. Create a journal for each child and add new entries for each meaningful event in their lives.

Family and Friends - Use this page to introduce your parents or any other family member. You may also use this page to talk about your close friends.
Pregnancy Journal - On this page, you may write wish to chronicle your pregnancy. You can decide how you'd like to feature your information - by trimester, by month, by day... you decide.
Baby Journal - This page is the perfect place for you to share your thoughts and feelings about your baby. Your experiences, delights and expectations.
Dad's Journal - Dad, often your thoughts and feelings get overlooked. This is your opportunity to let those special to you know just how proud you are to be a dad.
Mom's Journal - Mom, use this page to share your experiences as a mom. Sometimes in our busy lives the experiences you have with your child can get away from you. We make it easy for you to jot down some notes about the special moments in your child's life.
Family Journal - This page can be used to describe the changes your family has encountered since the new addition arrived. Once your baby is no longer a baby, you can use this page to talk more generally about the family and your experiences together.
Name Our Baby - Sometimes it helps to get some feedback from those around you when it comes to choosing the perfect name for your new little bundle. Use this page to request suggestions from your loved ones.
Personal Stories - You may want to use this page to focus some attention on some particularly amusing or touching stories about your baby such as an eventful ride to the hospital or the first night home.
Baby's Firsts - Baby books are a great way to keep track of those wonderful first experiences. But often times, only Mom and Dad have the opportunity to thumb through the pages to recall that time that your little one took his/her first step. Use this page to let the others in you life take part in your baby's milestones.
Growth Chart - You little one is most likely growing like a weed. Use this page to keep track of his/her progress.
Accomplishments - Your child will undoubtedly accomplish a great deal in the first year of life and beyond. This page can be used in conjunction with the Baby's Firsts page to highlight your child's many milestones. Or, you can use this page once your baby becomes a toddler to describe his/her many new feats.
Monthly Tracker - Your baby will change and develop rapidly from month to month, especially in the first year. Use this page to walk your friends and family through the progression.
Celebrations - Use this page to invite your friends and family to your celebrations and parties such as a baptism or a birthday. Once the celebration is over, you can use this page to describe what occurred. You can also use this page in conjunction with the RSVP page to requests responses to the celebration's invitation.
Baby Shower - If you know when the shower will occur, you can use this page to list the details. If not, this page can be used to describe the event itself.
The Nursery - Since those around you will certainly want to help furnish the nursery, help them choose the perfect item. Use this page to describe the theme for the room and possibly the color palette. You could even include a picture to show it off a bit.
Family Tree - Where your family began will be of importance to those closest to you. Use this page to chart your family's lineage.
School Days - Once your little one starts school, you will most likely have a lot to share with everyone. This page can be used to inform those around you of your child's new playmates, teachers and school work.
Guestbook - Your visitors will undoubtedly want to comment on the beautiful stories and photos of your baby. This page is a place for them to leave you touching messages.
Gift Registry - Sometimes it can be awkward to let those closest to you know where you are registered. Once your friends and family members arrive at your website, they will conveniently find the information they need on this page.
RSVP - When you celebrate your child's birthdays and other celebrations, this page can be used to request responses to your invitations. You can customize this page for any event you may have for your child.
Poll/Quiz - It can be fun for your friends and family to answer questions about your baby. Why not ask them to weigh in about choices you are trying to make with some interesting poll questions.
Contact Us - You can list contact information for your family and/or post a form for your visitors to utilize when emailing you messages.
News and Updates - Use this page to update your friends and family members of new and exciting information in your child's life.
Other Info. - This page can be whatever you want it to be. You could use this page to talk about your pets, special events in your child's life, etc.
Photo Printing - High-resolution photo printing through

Extra Features

Part of what sets Baby Window apart are the features we offer that allow you to customize your site. Not only are you able to incorporate all twenty-nine pages that you see above, but you can also do all of the following:

  • Arrange your pages in the order you would like them to appear whenever you wish.
  • You may also order the content of your pages in the order you would prefer it appear as often as you like.
  • Activate and deactivate your pages whenever you like.
  • Change your design and/or color scheme as often as you like.
  • Apply website-wide or page specific password protection. In other words, you can password protect your entire website, portions thereof or the entire website with additional protection for specific pages if needed.
  • View a countdown to your baby's due date or a count up from your baby's birth date. You can choose to see your countdown in days, hours, minutes and/or seconds. You decide how specific you want it to be.
  • Incorporate photos into pages other than the Photo Album. We allow you to upload an unlimited number of photos to the Photo Album section of your website. You can then specify as many Photo Album categories as you like (ie. the pregnancy, baby shower, baby's development, etc.). However, you can also upload photos to several other pages on your website.
  • Edit your photos right on our website. You will have access to our photo editing tool that provides all the tools you'll need to edit your photos.
  • Link the events on your Celebrations or Baby Shower page to the appropriate directions.
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